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The Land We Are

The Land We Are is a project by dance artist Vanessa Grasse, offering a variety of creative activities in woodlands and green spaces. Inviting us to fully experience through our body, our movement, our senses and our physicality, to revive our connection with and care for trees, the land and natural ecosystems.

Experiencing through the body is a fundamental way of knowing which allows us to find deeper, meaningful and empathic connections.

Activities include choreographic works, movement workshops, remote scores, and interdisciplinary collaborations between artists and environmental experts.

Each activity offers a practice of moving with trees, woodlands and other environments, investigating ways to facilitate shifts in our anthropocentric experiences; offering embodied, creative and accessible experiences of ecology and relationship with the more-than-human world.

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A participatory audio guided choreography for urban or rural parks, woodlands and green spaces.


Participants are guided via an audio track into a physical, poetic and immersive outdoor experience that invites them to connect to green spaces, trees and other people, from an embodied and ecological perspective.

A ritual of ecological and social interconnectivity in a period of climate, health and social connectivity crisis. A series of solo and collaborative movement tasks unfold via a poetic narration, inviting you to intimately immerse yourself within the surroundings, be playful with found natural materials and interact with the group.


The work integrates choreography with poetry, research into tree ecology and Land Art processes, with audio scores by musician Oliver Dover.

31 July 2021 We Wonder Festival, Rotherham,UK

21-26 June 2021 Sanafest, Norway

7 October 2020 Badischer Kunstverein, How do we care? Fest, Germany


Woven Land is part of Xtrax Outdoor Dance Collection Catalogue at Birmingham International Dance Festival and UK Dance Showcase 2021 and  OAUK Reconnect  marketplace 2023.

See video pitch with technical information for the show HERE



Photos: LIzzie Coombes



An immersive performance through woodlands and fields, sensing, being with and becoming landscape. An invitation to witness and participate in a journey of connectivity with the environment and each other.


After being guided on a sensorial woodland walk we are invited to witness formations of bodies and branches in metamorphosis. Branching pathways emerge from and return to the land, in cycles of transformation, decay and renewal.

As the journey unfolds we find ourselves involved with exploring, moving with branches and each other. Ultimately co-creating a temporary sculpture, which will rest in the landscape as a trace of our gathering.


Meanders weaves choreography, Land Art and tree ecology, exploring our relationship to landscape, trees, natural forms and materials, with a particular interest in 'branching forms' which are evolutionary paths of growth and interconnection that humans share with the Earth and other organisms.


Choreographed by Vanessa Grasse in collaboration with the dancers and contribution by Land Artist James Brunt.